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4 Out Of 5 People Who Are Blind Don’t Have To Be.

About EyeMantra Foundation

Since 2013, has provided sight-saving surgeries, eyeglasses, medicine, and other eye care services to thousands of people who belong to the underprivileged sections of society.

The mission of EyeMantra Foundation is to provide everyone, with affordable eye treatment using exclusive diagnostics and surgical techniques. And to aid the people living below the poverty line, EyeMantra has started this charitable hospital, so that they have no complications in seeking medical care for eye ailments and with early intervention, we aim at providing a perfect vision to all the people, who cannot afford the treatment.

You can free someone from blindness with just a small donation!

Girl Getting Eye Checkup

Eye Mantra Foundation’s Impact


Annual Sight Restoring Surgeries



people are Blind in India



of them can be cured



of them can’t afford Medical Treatment

You Can Make A Big Impact With A Small Monthly Donation.

cataract surgery

One Cataract Surgery

$10 per month will sponsor 1 cataract surgery annually.

eye exam

Eye Exam

$5 per month funds eye exams for 30 children annually.

cataract kits

Cataract Kits

$15 per month sponsors 8 cataract kits for 40 operations annually.



$20 per month provides transportation to clinics for treatment annually.

EyeMantra Hospital

Build a Hospital

$100 donated can help us build hospitals

Creating access to affordable eyecare so that people who earn less than $5 per day can see well to do well

See to Earn


See to learn


see to be safe


A word from the founder’s desk

We have a vision, which is to make sure that any person who lives below the poverty line, has access to comprehensive and premium quality eye care, at no cost. We have embarked upon this arduous journey, with the determination of diminishing “blindness and other ailments related to eyes”. We are always available at society’s service.

Your donation will help us to go a long way in helping the underprivileged sections of society, who refrain from obtaining treatment for their eye ailments, because of the unavailability of money for the treatment expenses. With your kind-hearted support, we will do our best in making the world, a better place.

– Dr. Shweta Jain

Dr. Shweta Jain

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