Corporate Sponsors

Mantracare Foundation Corporate Sponsorship

There are a number of ways companies can become involved in Corporate Partners and easily make an impact. We have created a variety of corporate giving programs that are adaptable to a company’s budget, structure, business activity, and Corporate Social Responsibility agenda. Corporate donations to nonprofits not only help change the world, but they also promote healthy company cultures and brand approval!

Mantracare foundation is deeply appreciative of our corporate and foundation partners for their contributions in the form of medical supplies and cash grants. These partnerships include some of the most innovative minds and companies globally, brought together by their shared goal of making a positive impact on society. With everyone working together, we are able to provide vision restoration treatments as well as hope for a better future to children, adults, families, and communities worldwide.

If you’re a corporation interested in developing stronger relationships with your customer base while also committed to humanitarianism, consider an Mantracare Foundation sponsorship.

Corporate Giving Programs


One For One Program

For every healthcare package bought, we donate an equivalent amount to, who then converts it into another healthcare package for someone in need. By doing this, we establish a direct correlation between the sale of our product and giving back to those less fortunate.


Direct Giving Program

Please consider making a cash donation to sponsor a healthcare package through Your generosity will help us provide underprivileged people with vital resources and services that they would not otherwise have access to. We are ensure that everyone, has access to quality healthcare.


You are the reason Rahul gets to live his dream

Your donation of any amount will go towards providing better access to mental health services and programs for those who are underserved in our community. Whether you give a few dollars or more, know that your contribution is making an impact on the lives of those in need. Thank you for your support and for helping Rahul live his dream!

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