Donate Stocks

Giving gifts of stocks, bonds or mutual funds is an excellent way to support Mantracare Foundation. Plus, it may also provide you with significant tax deductions. However, each person’s situation is unique so be sure to speak with your broker or financial advisor before making donating. Generally, there are two approaches to donating stocks, bonds and mutual funds:

  • Appreciated Assets: When you donate assets that have increased in value, you can avoid capital gains tax on the profit and get a charitable donation deduction for the fair market value of your gift. You can transfer these assets directly to Mantracare Foundation through your broker or financial advisor.
  • Depreciated Assets: If you want to receive the maximum tax credit, donate stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have decreased in value. First sell the assets and then donate the proceeds to Mantracare. By doing this, you can claim a loss on the sale while counting the donation as a deductible charitable contribution.

When you make an electronic donation, it arrives without any identifying information, which can then cause a delay in crediting the tax-deductible donation to you. In order to make sure that your gift is promptly received and processed, we need the following information before transferring your assets:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Number of shares and name of the assets being transferred (i.e., 500 shares of AT&T)
  • Date of transfer
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